Keep the outside condenser unit free from grass clippings, dirt, or anything else that can block the flow of air across the cooling coils. This will help your air conditioning system keep you cool, and conserve on operating cost, while prolonging the life of the entire system.  
Be sure ants don't have to change to enter the outside air conditioner condensing unit as they can cause your electrical contactor unit to fail causing loss of cooling.  

If possible, have inexpensive security caps installed on your condenser unit to secure your liquid, and expensive refrigeration from thieves and others with less than desirable intentions.  

Be sure the larger of the two pipes coming from your home, connecting to the air conditioning condenser, is always insulated with foam rubber pipe insulation.

If hail damages the condenser fins, be sure to have this repaired as soon as reasonable to further protect your investment and to prevent loss of cooling from the system. 

Make sure your outside condenser unit always sits level on the pad for which it was intended and be sure to correct if not level.  

Do not stack building supplies, or other material around the condenser preventing air movement in and around the unit. This is certainly cause problems with  cooling and impact your energy cost.  

Do not allow boxes or materials to block the air vents on the blower box assembly in the attic or closet where the inside blower  is installed.   

Do not stack attic contents on top of you blower unit if installed in the attic space of your home.  This part of the system is vital to the cooling and heating processes and needs to be free of boxes, personal items, paper, insulation etc.   

Do not allow the inside blower unit or the outside condenser to run if any portion of the air conditioning equipment show signs of freezing or ice. This is a sign of loss of Freon and other problems. These issues should be addressed as-soon-as-possible. 

Do not allow children to play on the outside condenser unit, serious injuries can occur as well as damage to the equipment.  

Contact us if you notice water dripping from or escaping from the small tube-like pipe under the eve of your home, this is a sign of a clogged condensate drain system and indicates a condensation drainage problem and this will need to be  serviced.  

If you notice wet spots on the ceiling of your home during dry spells or lack of rain, please contact us as this is a sign of a clogged condensate drain system and the A/C system now requires service.  

Keep the electrical box (mounted on the outside wall of your home) adjacent to the outside condenser unit, closed and secured at all times, this box contains high voltage and is dangerous to children / adults and should be kept securely closed at all times.  

To keep your system performing well all season, always keep your filters clean and in good condition. Replace often as they are not expensive and can save you money!  You might want to consider NorthStar's Season Service program to assist you with this. 

Some basic tips to help you keep your Central Air, AC, Air Conditioning system running at top notch performance.  
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