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NorthStar AC Service and Repair offers Air Conditioning Services to all Residents and Light Commercial concerns in Little Elm, TX and Surrounding Areas. 

When Little Elm, TX residents think of air conditioning services, NorthStar AC comes to mind.  That’s because we’ve been serving the Little Elm community for a long time with a unique combination of sincere craftsmanship and outstanding "true" customer service.

NorthStar HVAC Services, LLC

NorthStar provides a complete range of quality air conditioning and heating services for Little Elm, TX residents and small businesses, including:

Air Conditioning Service and Repair for Little Elm, TX
The Town of Little Elm is a great city located within Denton County, Texas, United States.  It is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  The Little Elm population was 3,646 near the 2000 census. By 2010, Little Elm census reports the city total had grew to 25,898, making the city of Little Elm among  the fastest growing municipalities in Texas since 2000 in terms of percentage.

The Town of Little Elm is a desirable lakeside destination for all to live and play while enjoying safe, vibrant, and welcoming community programs. The Town of Little Elm's mission is to build on the unique lake opportunities and smaller town charm, encourage diverse housing options and unique business opportunities, and provide a truly unmatched quality of life for all who live there.         Little Elm, TX
Little Elm, TX
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