What is R-22?
R-22 is a refrigerant commonly found in residential air conditioning systems.  It is slowly being replaced by 
R-410A.  R-22 is a lower pressure refrigerant while R-410A is a higher pressure product.  Both are used by A/C system to cool your home/office and provide total room comfort. R-22 is still available.  Most systems today using R-410A cannot make use of R-22.     

Is R-410A better than R-22?  
Not necessarily, R-410A as an AC system refrigerant, is thought to perform better on a more efficient basis and provide for better cooling using less power to perform the task.  As far as "better" is concerned, it operates at a higher pressure, and therefore demands less electrical power consumption for given performance. 

Is it true that if I replace my older outside A/C unit that I also have to replace the inside blower unit?
This is simply not true, at the present time, the older R-22 type systems for both inside blower units and outside condensers are still available.  

Is a higher SEER rating on an A/C system more efficient to operate?
Yes, the higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the overall system will operate.

What does SEER stand for? 
SEER is a measurement of seasonal cooling efficiency based on average number of weather changes over a particular season.  

SEER: "Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio".
The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the         A/C, Central Air or Air Conditioning system will perform

Are leaks most common in the outside A/C system unit or the inside unit?  I hear both? 
Leaks are more commonly found in the inside evaporator coil located inside the air conditioning or heat blower unit. The reason for this is the fact that the evaporator coil is constantly wet from condensation and continues to corrode faster than any other part of the entire AC system.  

Do older AC systems waste money to operate?
Yes, newer central air and air conditioning equipment operates at a much higher efficiency rate than older technology.  

Explain to me how an air filtration system is beneficial?
Pollen, odors, cigarette smoke, particulate matter, are trapped within the "air filtration system" thereby cleaning or "scrubbing" the air before it enters your body.  This benefits asthma patients, and others with breathing and respiratory issues.  There are many types of air filtration systems available for central air, AC, air conditioning & heating systems. Give us call if we can assist you with this issue. 
Dirty or bad filtration will only cause the air conditioning system or heat system to circulate dirty air contributing to negative health effects and system failures.  

 Questions We Often Hear
Is "Fresh Air" exchange necessary?
If your home is sealed or tight, or if there is little chance of air exchange by some other means (such as an opening of windows, etc), then you may need some type of fresh air introduced into the living areas.   Basements are common areas that require "Fresh Air Exchange" more so than other areas of the home.  With a Fresh Air exchange, outside air is introduced into the home, further allowing for stale air to exit.  

Is electric or gas heat better or more efficient?
Electric and gas heating systems are both very common.  Gas systems depend on the availability of gas within your area. Gas heating systems are generally more cost effective, and the heat produced generally contains more moisture, thereby increasing humidity in the air.  Some heating systems can provide for very low humidity levels, which is not as desirable.  Today, most air conditioning systems and heating equipment are combined together known also as "Central Air" systems.  

Which is better the large 4" thick filters or the traditional 1" thin filters?
While the thin air conditioning filters are less costly, the think ones actually filter better and filter longer between filter changes.  There is more filter media present, and therefore the thicker ones tend to last longer.  This can also be a personal preference as well.  Some agree that replacing the system filters more often is the best way to go.   

Does keeping the outside condenser fins clean help my system with the cooling task?
Yes, aside from replacing the filters on a regular basis, keeping the outside unit's cooling fins clean is the single most important thing a homeowner can do.  Cleaning the outside condenser keeps the system running at top performance levels.   Simply hose down the cooling fins with low pressure water from a garden hose every 2 months during the summer months.      

​​Why is water dripping outside from the small pipe above my window.  
This is an indication that the main condensate drain line is blocked or clogged.  Call us and we can take of this issue for you.  If this is allowed to continue, rust will start to develop in the collection pan at the blower unit and cause permanent damage.  

If you have other questions about air conditioning or heat system repair, please don't hesitate to call us, we are glad to discuss your AC / Heat repair needs.   

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